Retail - Restaurant - Residential

Downtown Palm SPrings

Phase 1 - 275,000 SF Commercial & Multi-Family

(Rowan Hotel, Retail, Restaurant, Office & Multi-Family)

Phase 2 - 200,000 SF Commercial & Multi-Family

(Grocery Store, & Multi-Family)

Phase 3 - 110,000 SF Commercial & Multi-Family

(Virgin Hotel & Multi-Family) 

Phase 4 - 110,000 SF Redevelopment of Town & Country

(Retail, Restaurant, & Multi-Family) 


Opening Fall 2017

153 Hotel Rooms

8 Restaurants

80,000 SF of Retail

30,000 SF of Office

Palm Springs Named ‘Sexiest’ U.S. City
— Victoria Secret
People were amused by our decision: Palm Springs is forward-looking, futuristic, modernist, cutting edge and audacious.
— Michael Burke - Louis Vuitton Chef Executive
Palm Springs continues its legacy as a playground for trendsetters and celebs, with a revival for the young crowd discovering the authentic history of Mid-Century modern design, but with an updated vibe that is playful, colorful and undeniably sexy.
— Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism


Stay tuned for more tenant announcements!