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With the new Downtown Development opening this fall, PALM SPRINGS is now offering all the ingredients for any brand to THRIVE. With 365 days of sunshine in the midst of a Mid-Century architectural wonderland, Victoria Secret voted Palm Springs the sexiest city in America this year. Known for its reoccurring celebrities and playground for tourists alike, Downtown Palm Springs is now the center of an iconic trending tourism destination year round.  A diverse local and visitor demographic is making Palm Springs now the most important location for ANY BRAND to CONNECT with its CUSTOMER.  Downtown Palm Springs is a place where consumers escape from their daily worries, relax and are able to take time for a deeper understanding of brands and products who call this location home. 

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Downtown Palm SPrings

Phase 1 - 275,000 SF Commercial & Multi-Family

(Rowan Hotel, Retail, Restaurant, Office & Multi-Family)

Phase 2 - 200,000 SF Commercial & Multi-Family

(Grocery Store, & Multi-Family)

Phase 3 - 110,000 SF Commercial & Multi-Family

(Virgin Hotel & Multi-Family) 

Phase 4 - 110,000 SF Redevelopment of Town & Country

(Retail, Restaurant, & Multi-Family) 

Palm Springs Named ‘Sexiest’ U.S. City
— Victoria Secret

now open

153 Hotel Rooms

8 Restaurants

80,000 SF of Retail


People were amused by our decision: Palm Springs is forward-looking, futuristic, modernist, cutting edge and audacious.
— Michael Burke - Louis Vuitton Chef Executive
Palm Springs continues its legacy as a playground for trendsetters and celebs, with a revival for the young crowd discovering the authentic history of Mid-Century modern design, but with an updated vibe that is playful, colorful and undeniably sexy.
— Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism
An online store could never conduct what we’ve created here. It simply wouldn’t transmit the architecture, beauty, and impact of our product choices. The rooftop terrace at the Rowan Hotel has stunning views of the windmills to the north, the mountains to the west and canyons to the east. It is an unparalleled experience of shopping and dining and in this wonderful environment. 
— Michael Braun, President of Grit Development



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